Executive coaching

VALUE: For their executive clients, a professional coach serves as a partner for deep reflection, a truth-teller, catalyst for change and an accountability partner. We customize our Executive Coaching to address the client’s specific context and to leverage their strengths. The recommended duration of an effective coaching engagement is 6 months and could be extended as needed.

FOCUS AND MEASUREMENT: We start by defining coaching objectives and rules of engagement. Clear, measurable coaching objectives support tracking progress and serve as a base for selection of personality assessments and stakeholder surveys, that provide additional insights into the executive’s strengths and challenges. Better self-awareness facilitates necessary change in attitudes and behaviours that lead to more conscious leadership.

PROCESS: During coaching engagement, the coach supports necessary change by co-creating strategies, reflection experiences, and safe experimentation that help build new skills and broaden the range of approaches to support the achievement of the client’s goals.

To build momentum, for the first 3 months, we meet bi-weekly for 1 hour over phone or video. In-person sessions are available under special conditions. To strengthen self-development skills, in the second half of the engagement we switch to monthly sessions. Unlimited 30-minute spot coaching is available during the whole period of engagement.

RELEVANCE: Part of the engagement is periodic re-calibration of the objectives and rules of engagement – this helps coaching to serve clients despite possible changes in context. If needed, we may repeat stakeholder surveys to measure progress. Upon completion of coaching engagement, we co-design strategies and support network to help sustain new habits.

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