Successful leaders lead with the heart, not just the head

Bill George



When organizations need to change their business model or go through a strategic paradigm shift, I help Leadership Teams find alignment and maintain focus on what's important for the business.



Let's discover infinite motivation within your own heart. Get clarity on your Life Purpose, and learn about the power of your personal values aligned with the values of your organization.



Genuine connections grow from seeing other people's true selves. Let's discuss how embracing your vulnerability helps create genuine connections with people that matter in your life.

Self Leadership

Self Leadership

Leadership Power starts with gaining power over oneself. I'll support you in connecting to your True Essence - get clarity on what your Life Priorities are and what drives you.

Lead With Whole Heart

I work to bring humanity to our workplace

Many leaders have found that applying generic management tools and off-the shelf communication advice does not help to upgrade their leadership style. Effective leadership is a personal matter – the world’s best leaders are the most self-aware, authentic and complete.

I’m fortunate to have 15 years of success in corporate leadership, and I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on the many leadership lessons I’ve learned. This is what I do today – I share my experience supported by the latest research in the science of performance and leadership.

I do what I am passionate about – I help aspiring leaders to stay human while driving high performance teams. I help them to respect the vulnerability and potential of people they lead. I work with leadership teams to connect with their organizations and to leverage diverse talent to grow their business.

I help leaders Lead with a Whole Heart.

This is my mission. I work to bring humanity to our workplace. I support leaders so they stay happy and create space for others to be happy at work. So there is no gap between the Personal and the Professional. So there are fewer performance machines out there, and more Happy, Connected and Accomplished people.


Read testimonials of our clients

Jeff A.

/ Tyco

The workshop Staying in the Game to win! was very insightful. Who’d think that there’s vast knowledge to gain through our failures, we just need to realize that and look at the opportunities for growth. It’s probably safe to say we’ve all failed during our lifetime, but that doesn’t make us a failure… The structure of the workshop was laid out in a thought invoking sequence with lecture, hands-on team exercises and group discussions on lessons-leaned from the exercises.

Maura L

/ Abundance with Ease

Elena is an inspiring speaker and leader. Her background in corporate world had translated powerfully into helping others to find their own greatness and leadership potential.

Mahal H.

/ The Avant-Garde Company

"I am working with Elena in a joint leadership development project for one of the largest non-profit organizations in Toronto. She impressed the Client management with her authenticity, professionalism and leadership expertise. She truly listens to you, acknowledges you as a whole and capable person and offers fresh perspectives to deepen your learning"