To grow as leaders we need self-awareness, self-reflection and self-regulation.

We use personality assessments, 360-degree surveys, strength and value profiles as an additional input to support our clients’ self-awareness. At Lead With Whole Heart, we use assessments and surveys targeted for the specific challenges our clients face on their leadership journey.

The Assessments, Surveys and Diagnostic Instruments offered to our individual and team clients are based on solid, empirically tested methodology. And is always followed up with structured debriefing session with a certified specialist.

All assessments are offered only as part of our coaching engagements, leadership and team development programs.

Individual Assessments:

  • 3 individual Everything DiSC assessments tailored to the client’s context – Read More
  • Integrative Enneagram – Read More
  • Values Operating System™ – Read More

360-degrees Surveys

  • Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders – Read More
  • The Leadership Circle Profile – Read More

Everything DiSC Assessments and Surveys

Everything DiSC® is a personal development learning experience that measures an individual’s preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model. This simple yet powerful model describes four basic styles: D, i, S, and C, and serves as the foundation for the Everything DiSC Application Suite.

Clients receive personalized insights that deepen their understanding of self and others, making workplace interactions more enjoyable and effective. The result can spark a meaningful culture improvement in your organization.

  • Built on a Foundation of Research and Rigor
    Everything DiSC® is fueled by over 40+ years of assessment-backed expertise and 200+ years of Wiley publishing excellence.
  • Simple but not Simplistic:
    Everything DiSC® translates assessment results into a personalized, actionable narrative that makes behaviour change tangible for the participant.
  • Customizable and Flexible
    Lead With Whole Heart transforms the Application Suite into impactful and customized solutions that work, earning a 94% global satisfaction rating.


Everything DiSC Management
Clients deepen their understanding of themselves, their direct reports, and their own managers using the DiSC® model. They also learn how their management style influences their approach to decision-making, time management, and problem-solving.

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders
This instrument helps connect individual leadership style with the demands of real world. It brings together best practices from 300 experts in over 150 organizations, the work of the most prominent leadership scholars, and over four years of research and development to provide Clients with an actionable path toward more effective leadership.

Everything DiSC Productive Conflict
Debriefing the results of this assessment increases self-awareness around conflict behaviours and helps clients effectively respond to the uncomfortable and unavoidable challenges of workplace conflict. Rather than focus on a step-by-step process for conflict resolution, it offers personalized techniques to curb destructive behaviours so that conflict can become more productive, ultimately improving workplace relationships and results.


Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders

The survey combines the best of 360-degree feedback with the simplicity and power of DiSC®, plus three strategies to put into action immediately. It uses clear visuals and a conversational narrative style to interpret and explain the data, making the report easy to understand and use. Whether an emerging high potential or an experienced executive, clients incorporate critical feedback from direct reports, peers, and bosses into a development plan that is both productive and satisfying, ultimately elevating leadership effectiveness.
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Integrative Enneagram

The word Enneagram comes from the Greek words ennea (nine) and gram (points / what is written or drawn). It refers to the nine different Enneagram styles, identified as the numbers 1‐9. Each number represents a worldview and archetype that resonates with the way in which people think, feel and act and how they stand in relation to the world, others and themselves.

The Enneagram Profile is a useful guide on the journey towards self‐development, relationship building, conflict resolution and the improvement of team dynamics. The Enneagram creates meta‐awareness at an individual and team level and uncovers the focus and patterns of behaviour that subconsciously drive and motivate us to act in certain ways. In making these patterns and motivations conscious, the individual is able to develop and transcend them.

Individual Benefits:

  • Contributes to self-awareness, increases consciousness and confidence
  • Provides a framework to understand functional and dysfunctional behaviours that step from core motivations
  • Increases compassion and empathy that help leverage diversity and support inclusion
  • Increases productivity and motivation

Team Benefits:

  • Improves understanding of self and others, supporting understanding and inclusion
  • Provides a framework to handle team conflicts productively
  • Improves working relationships and team productivity
  • Improves communication by providing a common language for team dynamics

Organizational Benefits:

  • Decreases fear of change and supports change management efforts
  • Helps unleash creativity and innovation by greater individual integration
  • Improves productivity and performance
  • Creates a framework for better project leadership
  • Contributes to the transformation of culture

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The Leadership Circle Profile

The Leadership Circle Profile is the only 360-degree profile that measures both leadership competencies and underlying assumptions in two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies. Information is integrated into an impactful visual report that helps identify key leadership development priorities.

Creative competencies
Well-researched competencies measuring how you achieve results, bringing out the best in others, lead with vision, enhance your own development, act with integrity and courage, and improve organizational systems.

Reactive Tendencies
Leadership styles emphasizing avoidance of failure over creating results, self-protection over productive engagement, and aggressive directness over building alignment. These self-limiting styles over emphasize the focus on gaining the approval of others, protecting yourself, and getting results through high control tactics.

Underlying Personal Assumptions (Internal Operating System)
internal beliefs that run their behaviour in both Creative and Reactive domains. This allows the manager to see how his/her inner world of thought translates into a productive or unproductive style of leadership. Ultimately, the Leadership Circle Profile increases the inner awareness that affects outward behaviour.
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The Values Operating System™

“Your Values are fundamentally who you are. They hold the innate pattern of your success and authentic character”

Pursuit Development Labs Inc.

Created by Pursuit Development Labs, a Canadian leadership development experts, the Values Operating System™ is a unique learning experience that helps clarify our values and organize them in a simple way that helps appreciate how our values work together to supports us in creating meaningful work and life. The Values Operating System™ is used to support and guide thousands of leaders across the world.

Through their Values Operating System™ leaders can:

  • Generate meaningful creative direction that inspires that to apply their creative energy
  • Co-create with others meaningful and valuable outcomes and experiences
  • Re-invigorate their creative energy and focus to proactively address & break through gaps

At its core, the Values Operating System™ is a practical instrument to calibrate authentic leadership choices to the needs of the VUCA world
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