Dare to Learn®

Dare to Learn®

Learn to Learn from Success and Failure

My research on learning in organizations demonstrated that although leaders appreciate the importance of learning from experiences, many of them still lack practical approaches and tools to unpack the underlying learning amidst ensuing emotions and pressure for immediate results.

Studies across industries and contexts demonstrate that the teams that engage in conscious experiments and have an effective approach to learning from them are more innovative and more effective. People on those teams are more engaged and fulfilled, and demonstrate stronger commitment to team objectives and values.

Join Dare to Learn® series to master the DARE® model – a simple, practical approach to embed learning from experience that will change the way you live and lead.

The program includes:

  • 6 short video lectures that explain basics of effective adult learning
  • 6 live 75-minute webinars to practice skills and tools.
  • A Dare to Learn© tool kit
  • 2 follow up individual coaching sessions to support your application of the DARE© model
  • Special pricing for the 1-day Dare to Learn© workshop for your team

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