Level Up!


Take Your Leadership to a Higher Level

You’ve got maturity, expertise and years of experience managing people. For years, as you led teams of experts, you leveraged your technical expertise and leaned on management best practices. Whether you are conscious of it or not, you have your own unique approach to leading people and teams.

How satisfied are you with the results demonstrated by your team, your business unit, your organization?

How are the team spirit and the organizational culture at your workspace – is your team optimistic, innovative and dynamic or is there a sense of competitiveness, distrust, and survival mode?

Our leadership coaching clients tell us that to remain relevant and impactful leaders need to review and upgrade their approaches regularly – just like they do with technology, processes, and systems. And it could be very challenging to unlearn some of the well-learned leadership approaches that are ‘not broken’.

Level Up! Is our signature package created especially for experienced leaders to help them take stock of their Leadership Balance Sheet, reconnect with their leadership assets and to revisit their ‘blind spots’. You will review your ‘go-to’ strategies and broaden your leadership tool kit to take your business, career and life to the next level.

You will get:

  • Assessments
    • Enneagram Personality Typing
    • The Leadership Circle Profile© 360 Assessment
  • 6 online group webinars
  • 5 individual coaching sessions
  • Membership in our Thrive! Mastermind Group
  • Special Price for our program ‘Leader as Coach’

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