Leader as Coach

Leader as Coach

The Era of Heroic Leadership is Over

In the interconnected, ‘always-on’ and constantly-shifting environment, no one knows everything and whatever anyone knows has a short shelf life. To stay effective in the VUCA world, leaders need to build an environment of learning and experimentation, instill an atmosphere of psychological safety and trust, and
empower employees to grow and challenge the status quo.

As a modality of leadership, coaching encourages experimentation and supports learning. As a coach, leader takes a stand for creativity, empowerment, and bold action. When done well, coaching at work effectively supports performance, transformation, and growth. And it does not have to be long or distracting!

Join Leader as Coach: a 6-month, highly interactive, practical program to learn how to apply coaching skills to leadership.

The program includes:

  • 10 video lectures on coaching concepts and skills
  • 6 live 75-minute webinars to practice skills and tools
  • A Pragmatic Guide to Effective Coaching @ Work
  • 6 individual 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Access to ‘Leader as Coach’ MasterMind group – a LinkedIn Community of Practice for Leaders-coaches

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