Group Coaching for Leaders

Group coaching with people who are working on same priorities has its unique opportunities. Sharing of ideas, learning from each other experience, offering a neutral perspective could be powerful contributions to an individual learning and development.

We offer group coaching for dynamic, curious and open-minded leaders who want to mindfully build successful careers, maintain productive relationships at work, and live a happy and fulfilled life.

Our focused Leadership Coaching Packages are created based on our experiences in coaching successful leaders that faced specific challenges in a variety of contexts:

  • Succeed on a challenging assignment (THRIVE)
  • Leverage managerial expertise to formulate a new leadership approach (Level Up)
  • Lead diverse or virtual teams (GLOBAL CODE©)

For each package, we selected targeted assessments, practices, and exercises that support the achievement of specific goals.

All packages are the 6-months engagements and follow our proprietary approach that includes:

  • A 90-minute Strategy Session
  • A targeted personality assessment
  • An exploration of the leaders’ strengths and limitations related to the specific objective
  • Leadership Roadmap to achieve the program objective
  • Six 60-minute group sessions online
  • Five individual 60-minute group sessions
  • An individual 60-minute completion session

Upon completion, all leadership coaching clients become members of the First12 club and enjoy priority access and pricing to other LWWH products.

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