Lead Across Cultures and Contexts

Are you an expat, an immigrant, or virtual team leader?
Even if you have not travelled the world for work, the chances are that you collaborate across cultures and context every day: today is the first time in the history of the modern economy when three different generations need to collaborate at work.
Working, studying, or leading – to succeed, we ought to be culturally intelligent.

Global and local companies increasingly depend on cross-cultural teams to stay competitive. According to a recent study by Mercer, in the last 2 years, the number of employees on expatriate assignments has tripled. Add to this the impact of virtual work teams – our workplace became an extension of Global Village.

Based on practical experience living and leading on different continents and leveraging the latest research on cross-cultural management, the GLOBAL CODE© coaching package is created to support your needs as a cross-cultural leader.

You will get:

  • Assessments
    • An Everything DiSC Assessment suitable for your context
    • A Strengths Profile
  • Road map to GLOBAL CODE©
  • 6 online group webinars
  • 5 individual coaching sessions
  • Membership in our GLOBAL CODE© Mastermind Group
  • Invitation to join our Mentors group

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